How to Take Photos of Items for Disposal

When disposing of property, photos will help you to accurately show the details and condition of the items. Here are a few tips for taking good photos:

  • When possible, use a clean staging area.
  • Take photos of the item from different angles.
  • Include close-up shots of details and a clear photo of the full data plate when available.
  • Be sure the photo is only of the item to be disposed of.
  • Take your photo in the best light possible. When lighting choices are limited, position yourself with the light source behind you, and avoid shadows.
  • Name the photos for easy identification.
  • Designate a folder to store the pictures.
  • Save in .jpg format. Please do not combine the photos on a Word doc or something similar.
  • If using a phone, save as medium size.

Certain items, such as vehicles and boats, have special photo requirements. Photo requirements for vehicles can be found in the Asset Works User Guide Appendix C. Photo requirements for boats can be found in the Asset Works User Guide Appendix F.