Overview: State Property Disposal

We redistribute and dispose of assets that the state no longer needs. We do this by finding new ways to use the assets and making sure that everything is accounted for properly. Our goal is to maximize the use of state property and to create a detailed audit trail for the disposal of assets. For more information, please see the Georgia Surplus Property Manual, Chapter 9.

There is a designated property coordinator for all state agencies, universities, colleges, and technical colleges. This person is responsible for:

  • Making sure that the property is used correctly
  • Making sure the requirements for disposal are met
  • Developing contacts in local communities who can use the property
  • Entering information about the property into the Asset Works system.
  • Working with DOAS to complete the disposal process
  • Maintaining asset management records.

If you don't know who to call in your agency, please send us an email to surplus.property@doas.ga.gov and we'll gladly help you find the right person.

Surplus Introduction to Asset Disposal Flow