DOAS' Office of Fleet Management recognizes the need for different transportation options, detailed below. 

It's a common dilemma: rent vs. lease vs. buy - which is better? Depending on your situation, there are several options.

The answer is – it depends. It's not possible to simply say that one is always better than the other because the answer depends on the specifics of each agency's situation.

If you only need a vehicle for a short period of time, renting or mileage reimbursement may be your best option. However, you should view the rental comparison calculator on our Web site to compare renting versus reimbursement for using your personal vehicle.

When making a 'lease or buy' decision, you must look not only at financial comparisons, but also at your agency's situation and need.

  • Is having a new vehicle every two or three years with no major repair risks more important than long-term cost?
  • Does your agency have enough capital funding to purchase a vehicle?
  • How many miles will you be driving the vehicle?
  • For how long does your agency need a vehicle?
  • Is it within your vehicle allotment?


Factors POV Rent Lease Purchase
MileageUnder 30 miles per dayOver 900 miles per month14,000 per year14,000 per year
Length of Time NeededDepends1-3 months6 months – 3 year3-5 years
Must be under allotment?NoNoYesYes
Capital fundingNoN/AN/AYes
Operating fundingYesYesYesYes​



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