Lease a Car

The vehicle leasing program helps to reduce the age of Georgia's vehicles, lowers transportation costs, and improves reliability, service delivery, safety, and driver productivity. Leasing a vehicle can help prevent unintended consequences of owning an older vehicle when repair costs and downtime tend to increase. Other significant direct and indirect cost factors are listed below. 

  • Increased fleet size.
  • Increased administrative expenses.
  • Increased parking facility, and shop space requirements.
  • Increased insurance and litigation costs.
  • Decreased service to state clients.
  • Decreased employee productivity.
  • Decreased personal safety of employees.
  • Increased personally-owned vehicle and daily rental expenses.
  • Decreased agency reporting and policy adherence.
  • Increased fuel and repair expenses.
  • Lower salvage proceeds.
  • Decreased public perception and image​.
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