Surplus: Who We Serve

We partner with state and local governments to identify, redistribute and dispose of state personal property, and eligible nonprofit organizations and the public to acquire state and federal property, such as furniture, vehicles, medical supplies, office and food service equipment and electronics at a low cost and assist in meeting business needs.

State Entities Property Coordinators
A group of state workers look up at the camera.
State Entities Property Coordinators

Resources and tools to assist asset managers and surplus coordinators effectively manage personal property for their state entity.

Nonprofit Organizations
Image of volunteers raising a wall at a home-building site.
Nonprofit Organizations

Information for eligible nonprofits interested in acquiring low-cost state and federal personal property to meet business needs.

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Details for members of the public seeking to acquire used state and federal government surplus personal property through bids, auctions, and sales.

A veteran returns home.

Resources for qualified veteran-owned small businesses and veteran service organizations to particpate in the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program.

Local Governments
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Local Governments

Information for Georgia-based local government entities eligible to obtain surplus property from state entities and the federal government.


Surplus Property Disposal for Beginners

March 12, 2024; April 09, 2024; and May 14, 2024
This course will discuss what surplus property is, what can be done…
For: Surplus-State Entities Asset Managers


Surplus Property Program ‘Fills the Gap’ for Small Businesses 

September 15, 2023
David Taylor was on a mission to advance his business operations when he discovered how using surplus property could play a pivotal role in evolving his construction firm. As a participant in the…
For: Surplus-Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, Surplus-Nonprofit Organizations, Surplus-State Entities Asset Managers, Surplus-Local Governments