State Personnel Board Rules

The State Personnel Board is appointed by the governor to provide policy direction for administering state employment standards by adopting rules and policies that govern legal compliance and help with effective talent management. The Rules:

  • Have the force and effect of law.
  • Help promote consistency while allowing flexibility so agencies may tailor their human resources programs for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Apply to the executive branch of the state, except for the Board of Regents and State Authorities (unless an Authority is specifically covered by statute). Other organizations, such as local departments of Public Health and Community Service Boards, are covered as provided by law.

Below are links to the Rules of the State Personnel Board. The most recent revision date for each rule is in the top right corner.

Rules of the State Personnel Board

478-1-.01 Organization of the Board

Created: 6/23/2021

478-1-.02 Terms and Definitions

Created: 7/27/2017

478-1-.03 Antidiscrimination

Created: 7/29/2019

478-1-.04 Reduction in Force

Created: 8/17/2018

478-1-.05 Policy Guidelines

Created: 7/10/2017

478-1-.06 Recruiting, Screening, and Hiring

Created: 7/10/2017

478-1-.07 Outside Employment

Created: 5/12/2020

478-1-.08 Political Activity

Created: 3/18/2022

478-1-.09 Records

Created: 4/2/2019

Rule 10 - Classification Plan

Created: 5/13/2020

Rule 11 - Compensation Plan

Created: 5/26/2020

478-1-.12 Salary

Created: 7/27/2017

478-1-.13 Meritorious Award, Hiring Incentive, and Goal-based Incentive

Created: 7/27/2017

478-1-.14 Performance Management

Created: 5/13/2020

478-1-.15 Changes to Employment Status

Created: 6/21/2022

478-1-.16 Absence from Work

Created: 9/25/2023

478-1-.17 Leave Donation

Created: 7/29/2019

478-1-.18 Veterans' Preference

Created: 11/28/2017

478-1-.19 Military Leave

Created: 8/23/2018

478-1-.20 Employee Complaint Resolution Procedure

Created: 6/5/2019

SPB Rule 21 Drug and Alcohol–Free Workplace Program

Created: 1/16/2019
Sets expectations for drug and alcohol-free workplace and outlines the State's testing programs.

SPB Rule 21A Self-Disclosure of Substance Abuse

Created: 1/16/2019
Sets forth rules surrounding employee self-disclosure of a substance abuse problem.

SPB Rule 21B Pre-Employment Drug Testing for High-Risk Positions

Created: 1/16/2019
Outlines program for pre-employment drug testing for employees in high-risk positions.

SPB Rule 21C Random Substance Abuse Testing for High-Risk Positions

Created: 1/16/2019
Outlines program for random substance abuse testing for employees in high-risk positions.

SPB Rule 21D Substance Abuse Testing for Federally Regulated Transportation Positions

Created: 1/16/2019
Outlines substance abuse testing programs for employees in federally regulated transportation positions.

478-1-.21E Reasonable Suspicion Testing for Non-Federally Regulated Employees

Created: 6/22/2023

478-1-.21F Return to Duty Substance Abuse Testing Non-Federally Regulated

Created: 6/22/2023

Rule 21G Follow-up Testing for Non–Federally Regulated Employees

Created: 6/22/2023

SPB Rule 21H Consequences of Illegal Drug Convictions

Created: 1/16/2019
Outlines consequences for applicants and employees with illegal drug convictions.

478-1-.22 Employee Suggestion Program

Created: 12/29/2017

State Personnel Board Rule 478-1-.23 - Family and Medical Leave

Created: 8/16/2021

478-1-.24 Working Test and Permanent Status

Created: 12/11/2018

478-1-.25 Reserved

Created: 12/11/2018

478-1-.26 Adverse Actions for Classified Employees

Created: 12/11/2018

478-1-.27 Appeals & Hearings for Classified Employees

Created: 12/11/2018

478-1-.28 Voluntary Separations for Classified Employees

Created: 12/11/2018

478-1-.29 Reserved

Created: 12/11/2018

478-1-.30 Employee Assistance Program

Created: 12/11/2018

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