Georgia’s goal is to become the best managed state in the country. One step towards achieving “best managed” status is to build a risk management culture. DOAS and its Risk Management Services Division are poised to help state entities achieve this change through the implementation of comprehensive loss control programs. 

Risk Management Services annually processes over 12,500 claims and pays over $150 million in state funds a year for injured state workers, damaged vehicles and property, and claims from individuals and groups seeking monetary damages from the state and its' agencies. Indirect costs including lost workplace productivity and additional administrative time in dealing with these events costs millions more. The root causes of these events must be determined if we are to reduce these occurrences.  Our systems – the policies, procedures and practices that govern our operations must be constantly improving.  

The vehicle to drive these changes is loss control. Its' aim is to recognize, evaluate, control and anticipate risks and hazards that lead to losses.  Strengthening a risk management culture will allow operational changes that eliminate hazards or minimize their impact. 

DOAS has been authorized to establish programs that include setting insurance coverage premium rates and adjusting claim deductibles based upon participation in loss control programs. DOAS has worked with entities covered by the various state insurance programs to define what loss control programs are necessary for their identified operational risks.  As such, we are embarking on the addition of a self-assessment component of the current Comprehensive Loss Control Program.  Coupling the current CLCP process with information developed from an Agency Self-Evaluation process will further assist and strengthen Agencies efforts in their program improvements.  The evaluation form will help an organization in their efforts to identify exposures as well as provide loss control resources within the assessment tool to provide guidance where needed.  In addition to the numerous available loss control resources that currently exist, a newly developed Loss Control Manual which has numerous sample programs and program auditing forms is now available.  Please join us in our efforts to reduce injuries to our fellow workers and to prevent other losses to the State of Georgia.



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