National Institute of Governmental Purchasing

The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Codes allow the state to classify the dollar amount of purchases of goods and services. By separating the total dollar amount of purchases by NIGP code, the State Purchasing Division and individual state entities can gain greater insight into where tax dollars are being spent and where contracts could help to improve efficiency and save money.


The NIGP list is a complete list of codes found in the Georgia Procurement Registry.

Exempt NIGP Codes

We have established a list of goods and services that are either exempt from the State Purchasing Act or for which the competitive bid requirements have been waived. Please scroll below to the Related Document section to view the current list of exempt NIGP codes.

NIGP Key Word Search

Use the key word search tool to search for the right NIGP code. Simply enter one or more closely connected or relevant words or phrases. The search will display a list of three-digit categories and five-digit codes from which to select.

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