Convenience Statewide Contracts

​If a need cannot be met by any Suppliers in the first three tiers of the Order of Precedence, State Entities have a wide range of other sources.  

Convenience Statewide Contracts and Preferred Products

Convenience Statewide Contracts and Preferred Products from Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services are included in Tier Four of the Order of Precedence. Employees whose job responsibilities include purchasing are encouraged to determine if needed goods and services are available from either of these sources prior to searching for other sources, especially open market. There are several advantages to using Convenience Statewide Contracts and Preferred Products when possible:

  • The competitive bid process has already been done, so purchases of $25,000 or more do not need to be bid.
  • Items are conveniently located in the on-line Statewide Contract Index .
  • As with Mandatory Statewide Contracts and Mandatory Statutory Sources, there are no dollar limits, other than budgetary, on purchases from Convenience Statewide Contracts or Preferred products.

There are not any "Preferred Products" at this time.  You can also go to the Statewide Contract Index  to search all items available from these sources.

Other Sources

Refer to Sections 1.3.4 of the Georgia Procurement Manual  for conditions for use of other sources, including any prior approvals and bid requirements.  Other sources in Tier Four are:

  • Piggyback purchases with prior approval from the State Purchasing Division
  • Cooperating purchasing agreements following public notice
  • Open Market suppliers​
Tier Four: Convenience Statewide Contracts and Other Sources