​DOAS' Surplus Property Program redistributes and disposes assets no longer needed by the State in a variety of ways. The disposal process is designed to maximize the asset's use and create an asset disposal audit trail consistent with good accounting procedures. See the Georgia Surplus Property Manual , Chapter 9, for details. 

All state agencies, universities, colleges, and technical colleges, have a designated Property Coordinator. This​​​ individual is responsible for:

  • Ensuring property is properly utilized​
  • Meets requirements for disposal
  • Developing eligible local community contacts to redistribute property 
  • Entering the asset information into the Asset Works system
  • Works with DOAS and receiving entity to complete the disposal
  • Maintains appropriate asset management​ records.

Don't know who in your agency to call?  Please contact the Surplus division.  We'll be happy to locate the appropriate contact.



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