The state operates under a framework of uniform Human Resources policies and practices that support compliance with employment laws and regulations and promote effective talent management. The DOAS Human Resources Administration works with the State Personnel Board to establish the majority of this framework within a series of State Personnel Board Rules. Other guidance is issued in the form of state policies. Each agency may tailor its internal Human Resources policies and practices to fit its culture and other business needs, provided the provisions fall within the statewide framework.

This site provides access to Rules of the State Personnel Board and Employee Benefit Plan Council and statewide policies that are published, or jointly published, by DOAS. As changes are proposed to Board Rules, drafts will be made available on this site during a public comment period. You can also find here information about the Board and its meetings.

The Policy & Compliance group offers consultation and resources to support compliance with State Personnel Board Rules, other statewide policies, and employment laws, such as FMLA, FLSA, ADA (as amended), and EEO. The HRA Benefits group is available for consultation on Employee Benefit Plan Council Rules.




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