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​The Governor's Executive Order and the Statewide Policy demonstrate Georgia's commitment to providing a harassment free environment for employees and all citizens who interact with State Government.


In addition to more than 80,000 Executive Branch employees, the Statewide Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy applies to independent contractors who are regularly on agency premises and/or regularly interact with agency personnel.


To assist state agencies with ensuring that independent contractors are in compliance with training and policy acknowledgement requirements, the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Human Resources Administration (HRA) and the State Purchasing Division SPD) have provided a Webinar. A link to view the webinar can be located below.


Additionally, DOAS HRA and SPD have made available resources to assist agencies with contract renewals and contract amendments to address the requirements for contractors under the Statewide Policy. The templates (below) are updated to include language requiring certification of compliance with the training and acknowledgement requirements for independent contractors.




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HRA Contact Center




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State Contract Resources

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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Independent Contractors Webinar


Frequently Asked Questions for Contract Compliance


Contract Amendment Template


Contract Renewal Template