​​​​​​Comply with the Order of Precedence, obtain the best price for goods and services, and ensure transparency in all procurement activities.




Through the competitive bid process, as detailed in the Georgia Procurement Manual, the State of Georgia ensures that all suppliers have equal access to conducting business with the State.  The State's procurement processes fall into the "7 Stages of Procurement", beginning when a State Entity first identifies a need for goods or services, and continuing through identifying existing suppliers, posting solicitations through the competitive bid process, and awarding and managing contracts.

SPD has developed procedures and official forms to assist procurement professionals in complying with the Order of Precedence, obtaining the best price for goods and services through the competitive bid process, and documenting each solicitation in order to ensure transparency in all procurement activities.  Official Forms for every activity document the steps taken in each stage, ensure compliance with procurement laws and administrative rules, and become the official record of all solicitations.


For an overview of the "7 Stages of Procurement", refer to the Georgia Procurement Manual.  See below for additional information on the individual steps, including links to each of the Official Forms used in that stage.




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